Hanoi Street Food: What to eat and where to eat it

Hanoi – Vietnam

Whilst not all of my favourite street food in Hanoi are served on the street, this shouldn’t deter you as I have high standards, and sometimes that involves sitting on an adult sized chair in a ventilated room.

If you’re a serious foodie, it’s worth downloading an offline map like maps.me and saving your favourite places that you want to visit so you can find them more easily.

This is also a good time to mention that if a restaurant becomes popular, a copy cat will eventually pop up next door. If in doubt, always go to the busy one that isn’t vying desperately for your business.

Here’s my top pick of delicious dishes to be found in Hanoi, and my favourite places to eat them:



First thing to note is that this dish is pronounced ‘far’, pronouncing it ‘phoh’ will result in you ordering a prostitute. Really. Luckily they’re used to westerners mispronouncing this dish so you should get away with it.

What is it? Rice noodle soup in a light stock based broth with either beef or chicken.

Where is it? On every street corner but a local and tourist favourite is Pho 10 on the corner of Ly Quoc Su street and Chan Cam street.

How much is it? 25,000-40,000 dong

Bun Bo Nam Bo

Bun Bo soupWhat is it? Cool, refreshing vermicelli noodles in a sweet-ish broth, topped with beef, fried onions and peanuts.

Where is it? Signs for this dish can be spotted all over town, but for the famous favourite you want to head to Hang Dieu near the corner of Hang Non. I also loved the place on Ly Quoc Su, opposite Ngo Huyen street. This restaurant is more tourist friendly with big chairs and fans, but don’t worry the food is still authentic. They have a big red sign outside saying Bun Bo Hue, another variation worth trying.

How much is it? 40,000-80,000 dong

Bun Cha

Bun chaWhat is it? Vermicelli noodles, fresh greens like mint, salad and corriander, sweet broth and either barbecued pork, pork belly or pork meatballs. You have to put it together yourself and find your own style of eating it, look to the locals for some tips.

Where is it? 1 Hang Manh, the end nearest Hang Non. This is a local place with a copycat next door, choose the one on the right. This place does excellent spring rolls too.

How much is it? 40,000-80,000 dong

Bahn Mi

imageWhat is it? Fresh baguettes with cucumber, carrot, corriander, chilli and a choice of meats or pate. Be warned, sandwiches will never be the same after you eat  good one of these.

Where is it? Pop up street carts are everywhere, but the best ones we had were at Bami Queen on Hang Buom street between Ta Hien and Hang Gia streets. Look out for the yellow stall with a speciality of barbecue pork.

How much is it? 20,000-40,000 dong

BBQ Chicken – the best I have EVER had.

Sorry, my fingers were far too sticky to take a photo… 

What is it? As the title suggests, this succulent meat is slow cooked on the barbecue all night, and it’s always packed so always fresh. You just have to choose your chicken part and wait for the taste sensation to arrive. They do a delicious side dish of toasted baguette with honey and potato skewers too.

Where is it? A little out of the old quarter, but worth the walk or short taxi ride, I promise. Go to the first place on Ly Van Phuc street near the Hanoi stadium to the west of town. We walked via Lenin park and down Tran Phu street which was delightful, and better than Nguyen Thai Hoc highway.

How much is it? There’s no prices on the menu, and it isn’t exactly budget street food but still great value. A meal of 3 pieces of chicken, sides and a beer will set you back 150,000 dong and leave you feeling very full.

Bun Thit Nuong

Bun Thit Nuong What is it? Similar to Bun Bo Nam Bo, it’s a light rice noodle soup in a sweet broth, but with barbecued pork on top instead of beef. This is my favourite noodle dish from Vietnam if you see it on the menu, don’t hesitate!

Where is it? In a delightful and very reasonably priced restaurant called Mon Hue on Ly Quoc Su street. This place also serves an interesting caramelised pork curry and yummy summer rolls.

How much is it? 45,000, other dishes very reasonably priced to considering the relaxed surroundings.

Western Fix

4ps pizzaIt has to be the pizza at 4Ps on Ngo Huyen, they make delicious cheese on site and have a range of pizzas with a huge piece of fresh burrata cheese in the middle. The affogato pizza desert is also incredible. It doesn’t come cheap though!


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