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I was very happy when I received an email from Rebecca a.k.a The Recovering Hippie this week, informing me that she was nominating me for the Liebster Award. This is an award aimed at supporting new bloggers, whereby each person nominated answers 11 questions given to them by the person who nominates them. It’s a great chance to get to know different up and coming blogs and to strengthen the community. Rebecca has given me 11 questions to answer, which I hope you will enjoy reading to get a better sense of the type of blogger and traveller I am. At the end, I will nominate 3 new bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer.

1. Where is the best/favourite place you have visited?

South America as a continent really takes the biscuit for me. It’s full of adventure; caribbean beaches in the north, wildlife wonderlands in the Amazon and Galapagos Islands, the snowy peaks of the Andes, mysterious and captivating Inca ruins and gigantic glaciers in Patagonia. I only spent 5 months here, I could have easily spent more. I’ll be back soon 🙂

2. What place/thing is top of your bucket list?

Seeing the northern lights from an impossibly beautiful lagoon or secluded spot in Iceland.

3. Who or what do you miss the most when you are away from home?

I miss my mum’s home cooking! Being such a foodie, I love travelling the world and finding new flavours and dishes but it also makes me appreciate the fact I have a world class chef on my doorstep!

4. What is your favourite travel quote?

“Travelling- it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller,” Ind Battuta

5. The sea – on it, in it or stay on dry land?

In it scuba diving for sure! I got my PADI certificate in Thailand and love the peaceful retreat that is the deep sea. On it and I get crazy dizziness afterwards, on the sand I get…. Too sandy!!

6. Sunsets or sunrises?

I’m not a morning person so sunsets with cocktails are more my style. We woke up twice in Asia for sunrise, at Bagan and Angkor Wat, but weren’t blessed with orange and purple skies though it was still a sight to behold. Sunset over Colca Canyon has to be the most dazzling sky I’ve ever seen!

7. What are your desert island disks? (Up to five albums.)

Great question, especially as I’m such a fan of Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs!

Zero 7- When it Falls, perfect for relaxing on the beach or a long bus journey

Bernhoft- Solidarity Breaks, no matter how many tomes I listen to this Norwegian genius I never get bored of his soulful sounds

Aretha Franklin- Soul Queen, as a singer I love to get inspired by her talent

Sia- We Are Born, a happy and unique album from before she got famous and super dancey

Foo Fighters- Skin and Bones, it’s hard to pick just one of their albums but this one transports me to one of their gigs with a great mix of chilled out serenades and pumped up classics

8. Which four people (dead or alive) would you like to go on a road trip with?

My boyfriend is the best road trip buddy in the world, he qualifies for number one position after the epic road trip we just completed in France, rocking out, debating and being totally comfortable with each other.

Judging from my last answer it’s probably not surprising that Dave Grohl would be a great road trip buddy! He’s so much fun, we could sing all the time together and become best friends! I say this in a non- obsessed stalkery way….

Stevie Wonder because judging from his Carpool Karaoke session he would be a right laugh and we could sing together too!

This car is a bit male heavy now, so my final choice would be Dolly Parton because she’s an incredible woman that I think I could learn a lot from, total girl power in the front of the car.

9. And where would you go?

With a car like this, it would have to be Route 66, another place/drive on my bucket list. It would have to be adapted to include places like Nashville and New Orleans…somehow. It might be a long ride!! But can you imagine, singing all day long with those guys, stopping in musically historic towns for great BBQ food and gigs? Heaven.

10. What advice would you give someone looking to travel?

Don’t let anything stop you, there’ll be a hundred reasons why it’s the riskier choice to up and leave for a big trip, but it’s just fear of the Unknown. Be brave, be smart and let the wind take you on a journey of discovery.

11. How have you changed?

I’m more of a problem solver now, you face a few of those when you travel and the trick is to stop seeing them as problems. I feel more confident and more in tune with the way the world is, and more grateful for what I’ve got.

I would like to nominate Fly Isabella, Rookie Travel Diaries and I Live 4 Travel to take part and answer my questions below:

1. What kind of traveller are you?

2. Best book you’ve read on holiday/travelling?

3. What’s your handiest travel hack?

4. What’s the best hotel or hostel you’ve stayed in and why?

5. Which country have you visited that wasn’t how you expected it to be and why?

6. Which country that you’ve visited has the best food?

7. Which item do you never travel without?

8. What do you recommend travellers to do when they visit your hometown?

9. Have you ever met someone on a trip that changed your life or opinions on something?

10. Best historic monument you’ve ever visited?

11. What’s next on your travel agenda?

Please comment below with your answers to any of the questions on this page, I’m very interested to hear other traveller’s responses!

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