7 Tips for an unforgettable Road Trip through France

France has always been a popular destination in July and August being just across the channel. I remember going on some great holidays there when I was a child, my poor dad having to keep us occupied on the long drives whilst all I remember was tormenting my younger brother and having a great time! I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks driving through France and what a vastly different experience it was. Less arduous motorways, more quaint villages with delicious plats du jour. Less arguing with my brother, more scenic stopovers for glimpses of castles or fresh mountain cheese. This trip was done on a budget, but that’s no easy task in France. You have to be crafty and willing to take your time, but it is possible to do it and get a lot out of it. Want to know how to make the most of your drive through France? You’re in the right place.

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