What The Guidebooks Don’t Tell You About Travelling in Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon

Our trip to Myanmar in March was an interesting one. It was not a country I immediately fell in love with, nor do I love it wholly and completely like I do most other countries in south east Asia. The reasons for this will become clear throughout this article, but I wouldn’t want any of them to deter you from travelling there. Being prepared and planning your trip well will reward you with a unique experience that you’re sure to want to repeat, and learning from our mistakes and understanding the country a bit before you travel will certainly temper¬†your expectations.

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4 of the Best Countries to Visit this Winter

Tempted to go on holiday this winter? Me too. Whether you’re in the mood for a beach break or adventure, you’re in the right place.¬†These are my hot picks that will tantalise your mind and inspire you to take the plunge and book a trip of a life time.

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3 Temple Experiences You Can’t Miss in Southeast Asia

Sunrise over the plains of Bagan
Sunrise over the plains of Bagan

Asia is a continent of wonder to me, having grown up in England, and despite visiting on holidays in the past I felt compelled to spend longer here to immerse myself in the many different cultures within. About a year ago my partner and I decided to quit our jobs in London to explore the world, determined to find the most beautiful and secluded spots that have to be seen to be believed. For four hot months we hopped around South East Asia soaking up as much culture as we could; eating delicious food, learning the language, and trying to understand the histories that made these countries great.

I love to research and find the highlights for the counties I visit before I get there, and it was clear that the first three countries on our itinerary, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, all had impressive ancient temples to explore. I’d heard great things about Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex, and a few travellers who like to go off the beaten track had mentioned the wonders of Myanmar’s Temples of Bagan and Thailand’s Sukothai Archaeological Zone. I couldn’t wait to explore all three sites and see for myself what each place had to offer and which one I would love the most.

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