Our adventure-style Honeymoon in Japan

Ishigaki Island

Judging from my previous travels it probably comes as no surprise that when deciding on our honeymoon destination, we were looking for something a bit different.

Unlike our round the world trip, this one wouldn’t be on a shoestring (thanks to our generous wedding guests!), so the only limit was our imagination! Well that, and the fact we wanted somewhere with good weather in late September, beaches, mountains, culture and great food. So rather a lot of criteria actually.
Luckily there was a country waiting for us to discover that matched our criteria perfectly. Welcome to Japan: the ultimate adventure holiday destination. 
In 3 weeks we explored ancient capitals, modern metropolis’, secluded mountain valleys and remote islands closer to Taiwan than mainland japan. It never felt rushed or stressful, it was in fact the easiest holiday I’ve ever been on. This is a country where everything just works, and the people go out of their way to make you feel welcome. A country as diverse as japan has something for everyone in every season, here are my best bits to get you started but you can of course get in touch if you’re looking for something different.


This is where most people start their holiday in Japan, but not everybody stays long enough to soak in the vast amount of diverse experiences it has to offer. It is a sprawling, mysterious metropolis full of numerous microcosyms just waiting to be explored. You could easily spend a whole week here, but if you don’t have that much time I recommend doing some research and prioritising areas to go to, spending half a day in each if you enough energy. As this post is about our trip in general i’ll just highlight some of the lesser known delights that we enjoyed:

Yoyogi Park and the surrounding Kawaii culture 

Walking into this park makes you feel like you’ve entered an enchanted forest, surrounded by ancient looming trees it’s a wonderful place to catch your breath after wandering the streets of neighbouring Shinjuku and Harajuku. I recommend checking out the Hedgehog Cafe nearby and wandering down Takeshita Street for a look into the cute kawaii culture.

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