My New Zealand Travel Guide in Pictures


New Zealand is one of my favourite countries because it has so much glorious and varied landscape to explore. I’ve been on holiday twice here, once in the winter (July) for two weeks and once in the summer (January) for two weeks. The winter was crisp and offered lovely views of the snowy peaks, the summer gave us the chance to laze by the lakes and catch some rays. It’s impossible to experience everything this country has to offer at once unless you go for 5-6 weeks with a big budget, it may be small but its packed full of wonders. Continue reading “My New Zealand Travel Guide in Pictures”

The Liebster Award


I was very happy when I received an email from Rebecca a.k.a The Recovering Hippie this week, informing me that she was nominating me for the Liebster Award. This is an award aimed at supporting new bloggers, whereby each person nominated answers 11 questions given to them by the person who nominates them. It’s a great chance to get to know different up and coming blogs and to strengthen the community. Rebecca has given me 11 questions to answer, which I hope you will enjoy reading to get a better sense of the type of blogger and traveller I am. At the end, I will nominate 3 new bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer.

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7 of South America’s most captivating mountain towns

Alausi, Ecuador

Let me start by saying I am by no means a serious trekker. The opposite in fact, I usually have to be pushed up the last part of a summit. I do still, however, love the mountains. As a city girl I love to get into a wide open spaces with views I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams and I firmly believe you don’t have to be a fit sporty type to enjoy that. All my favourite places below can be enjoyed by any fitness level, you’ll see what I mean when you get there and see the South American families on days out together hiking volcanoes with grannies in tow.

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I’m Changing The Way People Plan Their Holidays


Having spent the last year travelling round the world, I know how much time, effort and money goes into seeing the world and having the best experience possible. You can’t always turn up and hope for the best when it’s your only big holiday of the year, your once in a lifetime opportunity to see the place you’ve always dreamed of. You want to maximise but relax, eat the best food but not break the bank, take a well run tour that doesn’t disappoint. How do you manage to get the best experience possible?

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I travelled for 10 months in 21 countries, these were my top 10 moments

This was not an easy list to compile, but a fun one. We had so many great times on our trip of a lifetime it’s hard to pick just 10, but these are the ones that brought tears to my eyes, made me feel free and made the times when it was difficult worth it. All photos were taken on our trip.

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The Galápagos Islands: What’s the right way for you to travel?

Photograph of a family of seals taken on Isabela Island
Arriving early is essential to get a good seat.

The Galápagos Islands are a magical place to visit, full of adventure and unique wildlife for you to immerse yourself in. Once you’ve decided to go, the first decision to make is whether to take a cruise or travel independently, and the right answer for you depends on your budget and how much you like boats! Both will give you the potential to have your dream experience, but think seriously about the practicalities of both options before making your decision.

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